Cutting Down on Styling Time

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Last Updated (Wednesday, 25 July 2012 10:42)

Sam Villa“No one wants to spend excessive time styling hair – to cut back, focus on a great cut that does most of the work for you, the right products and the proper blow dry technique,” says Sam Villa, top Redken stylist.

Cut >>

Disconnected cuts have sections that do not connect so hair has more interior movement, weight, volume and texture.  It not only provides a sense of looseness and movement, it’s versatile and changeable, so it offers double identity when styling.

Products >>

The weekly blow dry is back, so women need styling options to make that blow dry last.  Products like Redken Powder Grip 03 reduce moisture and maintain volume and a matte finish all week. It also adds grip for updo’s and other styles.  It’s unique applicator shoots product for accurate application, so product ends up where hair is most responsive.  Simply lift hair, shoot in product and style.  The result is fullness and texture with a matte finish.


Techniques >>

Blow Dry techniques like Wrap Drying and Flash Drying reduce the amount of time spent on drying hair – especially when using The E-T.C. Light Sam VillaProfessional Ionic Hair Dryer exclusively for Sam Villa with the nozzle turned diagonally, so air flows around the head hitting a larger surface, which dries hair faster. Combining these techniques with a product such as Redken wool shake 08 adds texture and volume that can be redefined for multiple looks throughout the week.


Wrap Drying: Think of the head as a roller and use a Sam Villa Signature Series Paddle Brush to stretch hair in an “X” pattern (to the left and then the right) around the head.  The combination of stretching and wrapping forces the cuticle to lay flat promoting optimum stretch, bevel and shine.


Flash Drying: Use a lower speed and a higher temperature.  The low speed (directed from base to ends) keeps hair from blowing all over and keeps the airflow concentrated on the hair. The high temperature reduces moisture at a faster rate yielding high shine and a smooth finish.



Sam Villa is the founding partner of the Sam Villa® brand, Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue. Get more tips and techniques, along with Sam Villa Signature Series brushes, combs and thermal tools on www.samvilla.com.



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