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Last Updated (Monday, 16 February 2009 14:23)

Clinton Sparks & Kanye WestHard-working isn't even a fair description for this month's Industry Insider. Clinton Sparks is a DJ and Producer who's collaborated with artists such as Akon, Beyonce and P. Diddy, he's also the Music Correspondent for the E! Channel's Daily Ten and hosts a syndicated radio show... among many other things! YBI asked Clinton about his big break and what he has in store for the future...

YBI: When did you start working in the music industry?
CS: I guess I would have to consider getting into the music industry the point when people who were in it knew my name. That being said it would have to be when I got my own mixshow on Hot 97.7 in Boston in 2000.


YBI: What do you consider your first big break?
CS: So many milestones in my career could be considered a break for me but I truly don't feel like I've reached my big break yet but anything from getting my radio show on multiple stations by myself to becoming Diddy's tour DJ to being asked by Eminem to be on his satellite radio station to writing & producing Akon's hit "Sorry, Blame it on me" to getting asked to be music correspondent on the E! Channels Daily ten. I constantly have so many exciting things happening in my career. I'm very grateful! I wake up every morning excited to get an invite to the party called life!

YBI: What motto do you live by?
CS: Be the 1st original you instead of trying to be the 2nd somebody else.

YBI: What has been your favorite project thus far?
CS: As cheesy as it may sound, I enjoy every project I work on otherwise I wouldn't have worked on it. I enjoy the outcome of whatever I work on & anticipate peoples reactions weather good or bad. I learn from every project. My favorite part of being creative with projects is selling the artist or even the listener on it.

YBI: What's next for Clinton Sparks?
CS: I am very excited because I am involved w/ so many amazing upcoming projects. I have written & produced music on Beyonce & Akon's upcoming albums as well as Ludacris & I am working on Sean Kingston & Lindsay Lohan's albums as well. In addition to already being music correspondent on the E! Channels Daily Ten every week, I am in talks to do more television shows. I have an artist who's album I am completing & am very excited to share w/ the world, his name is Supastar L.T. & he's from Boston. Simultaneously I am working on my album with Akon to be released through his Konvict imprint. I also produced 4 songs on Colby Odonis's upcoming album & did the title track for Bun B's album which just debut #2 on billboard top 200 album chart. I am adding more radio stations to my smashtimeradio syndicated radio show affiliate roster & my weekly Smashtime Saturday party in Las Vegas @ the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Body English nightclub has become THE hot spot on Sat in Vegas hosting events w/ the likes of Neyo, Akon, Will I am, Ray-j & Trey Songz to Duran Duran, Carmen Electra, The girls from the Hills to Good Charlotte & Floyd Mayweather. We have so many more celebs planned to come through this year & I don't just DJ, I put on a Vegas show for instance July 5th I will be coming out w/ the UNLV marching band. Get Familiar!




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