BLOG: Finding Hope with Fashion

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Last Updated (Thursday, 28 March 2013 20:23)

Makeup brushesby Brittany Patenaude 

This year I had the pure pleasure to attend the 4th Annual Finding Hope With Fashion. I couldn’t believe the spectacular talent of designers, hairstylists, and makeup artists alike! Being a makeup artist myself, it was incredibly inspiring to be around all of the talent that was showcased!

One particular aspect of the show I enjoyed was how they showed pieces for everyone’s style and not all on just one type of model. They proved that no matter how curvy you may be, you could rock the clothes each designer presented.

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BLOG: BFW 2012

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Last Updated (Tuesday, 02 October 2012 10:06)


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BLOG: Beauty Marks

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Last Updated (Monday, 23 April 2012 13:37)

SandieBy Sandie Torres, YBI Editor-in-Chief/Founder

When I was little my Mom called all my moles “beauty marks”. I loved that term and I was proud of my beauty marks.  It wasn’t just the ones of my face- any mole was a beauty mark. It made me feel proud of them when they were called beauty marks, never imagining that they could be anything but beautiful. They weren’t ugly or potentially cancerous in my eyes, they were just special marks that made me unique. Then when I was a teenager my doctor told me I had to get two “moles” removed from my back. Suddenly all my beauty marks felt like poison. The doctors called my moles “pre-cancerous”. They gave me strict instructions on how to care for my new scar and to protect that specific area and the rest of my body from the sun. I worried about my back from that day forward.

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BLOGS: Debra Macki's Makeup Retreat

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Last Updated (Saturday, 07 April 2012 15:18)

Makeup Retreat Blogby Christina Mirabella 

This weekend's Debra Makeup Retreat was all the rage in Bolton, MA.  It was a weekend filled with hands-on workshops, makeup tips and tricks, signature cocktails, and so much love for the beauty industry it could barely be contained in one building!

Whether in the color theory workshop, the bridal makeup workshop, or the runway workshop, makeup aficionado’s from all over the country learned some of the industry’s biggest tips and tricks from YBI Beauty Editor Debra Macki herself. 

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